About us

Founded by the entrepreneur Arash Escandare, TecPrime is a “green” high tech company in offering express repairs of any electronic device like laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. We also provide Data Recovery, IT and Network Services for personal and corporate needs.

You and your business are more than welcome to our shop. However, if you prefer, please give us a call and we will come to you. Our phone number is 02087 481 481

The TecPrime team has professionals with more than twenty-five years of experience been highly specialized for all the biggest manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Sony, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, and others.


TecPrime Mission

To serve the national and international demand for a global friendly environment, continually improving our structure and methods to guarantee high stand efficiency solutions.


Our Chosen colours

TecPrime chosen colours are a public representation of our values.


Peace of mind for our customers, team, suppliers, and traders.

The aim is to provide a clean and transparent service, offering the best solutions. We understand that if you have an issue you don’t want to be concern about it. You do need someone to take care of the problem and come up with the best solutions. Trust is the key to this case. TecPrime is here to provide it that, to do everything to keep you happy about the prices, quality and efficiency as a result of our services.


An environment-friendly tech company. From our point of view provide the best solution is to find harmony between your technological gadget needs and the necessity to keep the planet healthy for the present and future generations. Because of that, we do sell refurbished devices with six months warranty and more. We do have free services for recycling your old devices with a guarantee that your data will be totally destroyed during the process. We also try to work with suppliers that offer similar compromises to maintain the environment safe.


A bold concept of efficiency services. Each customer is a unique and special one. We are proud to offer personalized service solutions. No matter what, we’ll do everything to keep you happy.



New Branches

As part of our business plan, we are commuted to take the high standards of TecPrime Services near to you and your company. Very soon we will open new shops around London.

Services we love to do

No matter what is your problem come to us and let’s talk about it. When we talk, we find out the perfect solution. From our perspective each case is unique and communication is the master key to solve anything.

We will always here with an honest smile for you.

TecPrime Loyalty Club

For TecPrime, loyalty means even more than friendship and honesty.

Considering that we are happy to offer you bonus discounts that you can use whenever you want to buy new or refurbished products from our shops.

You can also use discounts when doing repair services with us. Find out more here below.

TecPrime Green

We do provide a free of charge recycling service. If you have any kind of electronic device that you don’t use anymore, please help us to make the environment free of the tech junk.

Come into one of our shops and will take care of it. You will be also offered to remove your data from the old device before the recycling process, or if you don’t care about it your information inside the device, we can guarantee you that it will be totally destroyed so anyone will not able to access anymore.

If you prefer, just call us and we will come to your place for free to collect.

What we do with the devices that you dispose of with us.

The device will be disassembled in pieces. All the usable parts will be removed, tested several times and refused to repair other similar devices. Sometimes the whole device can be reused for different purposes here in the UK market, but also abroad.

In several cases, after refurbished the device we also provide donations to charity institutions that we support.

All useless parts and pieces will be disposed of by the environmental laws applied through the recycling centers in the UK.

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